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Life Interupted!

Is a sensitively written memoir of living, loving, and learning, and accepting that which cannot be changed. It's a story of a man dedicated to excellence in the medical world and having his vision blocked by personal heartbreak and ill health. Having once made the blind to see, how would he, and the woman who loved him, deal with this interrupted life? How would you?

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Classic Paintings :

Palm Beach Gardens, Florida is home to artist Marie Pinschmidt. Her exquisite use of color and atmospheric perspective is reminiscent of the old masters painting styles.

She leans toward impressionism but often comes forth with expressive palette knife and abstract work. You will want to see more or perhaps even become a collector.

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As a writer and painter in oils, having lived in Ohio, New Orleans, Savannah, Ga., North Carolina and Florida, Pinschmidt draws on her own experiences to bring life to the characters and settings of her novels. Her newly released novel is Spanish Moss, based in New Orleans. For autographed copies of her books,
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